Michele W. Weinstein
aka Michele Schuchman and Grandma Michele
Coach in: PTSD & Traumas Management, Health Management and Professional Challenges in Management and Business.


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About Michele

Enjoy this 28 min video of Michele W Weinstein's Legacy to learn more about Michele's strong roots and inspirational transformation experiences supporting humanity by being comfortable living in her own skin.

Michele W Weinstein's wisdom was conceived from her biological, ancestral, and genealogical pool of sages. From that perception, Michele's spirituality sense of entrepreneurship gave birth to her passionate and creative world.

The following is her success story from fear to faith.

At the age of 19, Michele opened her first business, a wig salon. When she was 21, she converted the wig salon to a successful men's hair cutting salon. And continued to dominate the wig market by using a unique strategy; Wig parties at churches, temples, homes and businesses. This unique approach allowed Michele to blossom into both a personal and business growth.

At the age of 24, Michele's Men's hair salon closed, leaving Michele with both new challenges and opportunity. With a new direction and drive to rebuild, Michele created a new business named "Michele 71" in 1971. For two months, in the summer of 1971, she gave haircuts in New York City offices. Michele had saved money that was used at this time to enjoy the weekends by meeting wealthy clients for her hair cutting services and having fun with her son at the West Hampton Bath & Tennis Beach Country Club. In just 2 summer months Michele had turned this tragedy into a profitable enterprise.

To build this enterprise Michele had to work 5 weekdays at Victors barber shop, Saturdays at another hair salon around the corner from her apartment and 1 evening a week as a waitress for nine months. Michele then trained at Vidal Sassoon Hair Salon at night and worked weekly in his day hair salon for 3 more months that year. Vidal Sassoon's hair cutting patterns became Michele's hair cutting patterns she continued to use and to teach those unique hair patterns to other hair stylists. Using this elite training and experience she was able to secure a $5000 Bank of America business loan to open her first hair salon in Manhattan. The new salon she named "Bobby's Mother's Place". It was the beginning of her New York City hair salon empire. Later, using her own capital, she opened 3 more locations in Manhattan. "Michele Hair-Cutters" became an American success in a city that is known for both opportunity and extreme challenges.

As a reinvented woman, in 1979 Michele managed her family's restaurant. In 1981 Michele attended the prestigious NY Restaurant School on 34th street in New York City, as well as the American Bartending School - All while personally overseeing her Michele Haircutters at 563 7th Avenue, NY.

In 1981, using gains from the profitable sale of two Michele's Hair Cutting Salons, Michele purchased three commercial properties in Callicoon, NY. Michele relocated her family in 1982 to her pastoral property in North-east Pennsylvania. And, converted one of the properties in Callicoon to a large restaurant. The restaurant was named "The Wagon Wheel".

Between 1981 and 1982, Michele continued her culinary education by trading hair cuts for some of the city's top restauranteurs in exchange for a chance to observe their executive chefs operate their successful gourmet upscale NYC Restaurants. Michele also travelled abroad, taking gourmet Italian, Spanish, French and Asian cooking classes. She then changed her restaurant's name from "The Wagon Wheel" to "Michele's Restaurant".

In 1985, Michele's Restaurant became more profitable due to Michele's extended educational culinary classes in Mediterranean and Asian cuisine at Culinary Institute of America (CIA) located in New York. Michele's culinary education provided vital resources for the creation and manufacturing of her own signature sauce company, "Michele's Continental Sauces". Six gourmet Fat Free and Low Fat all natural no preservative frozen sauces were being manufactured in Callicoon, at a facility owned by Michele. Michele won the "Tiffany Crystal Award of the Eastern Dairy and Deli Association", a prestigious academy award for best product of the year in 1993. "Michele's Continental Sauces" were distributed by major food services in America's northeast. Maine's paper and food service - Tri-Country Frozen Foods Distributors. Michele's Continental Sauces were also sold nationwide by mail order for retail, food service, and individuals. Michele's Continental sauces were on the shelves in the frozen food section of specialty gourmet and health food stores and major food chains such as Shoprite, Kings and Wholefoods.

Michele's Continental Sauces were featured on the Food Network's "David Rosengarten's taste test show". Articles appearing in Self and Weight watchers raved accolades mirroring the reviews of metropolitan publications across the east coast. Restaurant and food service magazines and food service newspapers featured articles about its growing popularity in the frozen food product industry.

Michele wrote and published two cookbooks. One for the use of her sauces and one for her secret restaurant recipes. In addition to all these achievements, Michele devoted a lot of her time to start the Callicoon business association and volunteered her services at the Callicoon Community center. Michele started a cooperative system to help promote Callicoon businesses on local media. Due to her groundbreaking business efforts, Callicoon became known as the Dining capital of Sullivan County and the upper Delaware River Area.

In 2003, due a family illness, Michele and her husband closed Michele's Restaurant and Michele's Continental Sauces company after 21 successful years, and sold all three properties for a substantial profit over the next 7 years. They retired and moved to the active adult community of Pebble Creek, AZ. It was there that Michele awakened a deep desire to learn about other religions, and cultures. Absorbing knowledge became Michele's passion. Michele learned she had a natural talent to be an artist as a painter in mixed media and ceramics.

Michele joined Toast Masters to improve on her communication skills for public speaking engagements and then conducted profitable gourmet cooking class sessions from 2005-2008 at her home in Pebble Creek, Good Year, AZ. Michele continued her community volunteer charity work with local nonprofit organizations.

To raise money for the Alzheimer's Association, Michele entered the MS Senior Arizona Pageant in 2009. Later that year she relocated back to her home in northeast Pennsylvania. And took the position as the manager of the Villa Roma Resort in Callicoon, New York club house dining room for their golf season.

Using her own capital, in 2009 Michele created a non-profit corporation named "All About My Time Now". Established for supporting female soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq at her Pastoral Pennsylvania home. Michele's intent was to provide a healing sanctuary encompassing a holistic two week stay at her Damascus Retreat. All About My Time Now has a continuing vision and those efforts carry on.

Between 2010 and 2011, Michele attended Omega Institute classes and got certified in Energy Medicine Healing and Past Life Regression Therapy. Michele reinvented herself from the wisdom she gained in the Energy Medicine Healing and Past Life Regression Therapy training.

In 2010, 2011 and 2012 Michele also won third runner up, second runner up and first runner up in the MS Senior PA Pageant.

If you are interested in Michele's services, please feel free to contact her by email at michelewweinstein@gmail.com

Contact Michele

Please feel free to contact Michele by email at michelewweinstein@gmail.com