Shifting The Perception Of Relationships

Service Description

Michele will analyze the relationship of client with friends, partner (personal or business), strangers, animals, and coworkers (alive or deceased). Client must pay fee one week before session - nonrefundable.

Client needs to provide one week's journal of daily activities from morning to bedtime in details. This is required to enable shifting. Each client's information is kept confidential.

Michele will take one to two hours to study the client's personal information that week before session.

Energy medicine healing and/or regression therapy will be used for client at the session.

Michele will use the following skills to provide this service: Energy Medicine Healing, Past Life Regression Therapy

Energy medicine healing - is a process that Michele will format exclusively to the unique energy of the client, to get their mind and body aligned with the present. Michele hands ARE A CONDUCTOR OF VIBRATION ENERGY. Michele uses her hands to connect to the energy field around and within the client. Permission must be given to Michele to touch their head, feet, hands and where physical or emotional pain is felt by client. No personal private body parts will be touched by Michele. Michele will teach the client sensitivity to vibration awareness.

Past life regression therapy, or regression therapy - is a process Michele formats exclusively for the client to visually see and feel their past history while in a hypnotic trance. The process allows the client to shift their perception away from previous limiting perceptions.

Each session is given at an agreeable site between Michele and the client.

For an additional session with Michele, the client will have to complete a homework assignment that Michele will email to client 3 days after each session.

One hour session - Fee $108 per hour

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