Cancer Management

Service Description

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a word that brings fear. It makes one think about their mortality and the end of their existence. It also brings forth anger and rage. A battle begins that needs to be won.

Cancer is a story for each and everyone. For each person it's a different story and that story has meaning. A meaning that changes people. Other people around a cancer survivor are also affected.

To manage cancer I have learned to "Dance with the Cancer" and let it lead. Let it be happy. The Cancer may then leave.

"Why?" I ask?

"Because this is a boring dance" the cancer will answer.

I manage cancer and I teach the management of cancer to not be afraid of the cancer. Once the cancer feels acknowledged it has done it's job by giving you an awakening to live the best life and pursue a new happiness.

Cancer is an awakening. It's an alarm. You now have a time limit and it is up to you to decide what you are going to do. Even doctors can't gather a proper prognosis.

Traditional care and treatments may not work for everyone. Many people have a different way to coping and Michele's attitude of Cancer is unique.

Let's pretend that the cancer is a call to alarm to care about the physical body. The organs that are affected by cancer, and the degree of cancer are like the invading foreign army that seeks destruction of everything that was.

Michele was diagnosed with Breast Cancer February 2016 It gave her time to get her affairs in order. Michele felt empowered and grateful to live and inspire others going through the fear of cancer .

Michele makes no claim for your recovery from your cancer. If Michele or anyone did it would assume that Michele and all the others had power of “God” within their radiant energy.

Michele offers a service to manage cancer by teaching the individual how to separate from their body in a controlled environment without any medication.

Service Description:

Client needs to provide a detailed history of cancer and treatments with what medications and course of action for eradication of active cancer cells in their body. Each client’s information is private. Client needs to provide a week and daily activity journal from awakening in the morning to bedtime in details of time scheduled with a routine or not routine.

If Michele accepts the client, there will be a mutual meeting in a location agreed. The fee for the first meeting is 108$ per hour of Michele’s time.

Michele’s following skills will be uses to provide this service of Cancer Management: Energy Medicine Healing, Regression Therapy along with creative art forms.

Michele will use the following skills to provide this service: Energy Medicine Healing, Past Life Regression Therapy

Energy medicine healing - is a process that Michele will format exclusively to the unique energy of the client, to get their mind and body aligned with the present. Michele's hands ARE A CONDUCTOR OF VIBRATION ENERGY. Michele uses her hands to connect to the energy field around and within the client. Permission must be given to Michele to touch their head, feet, hands and where physical or emotional pain is felt by client. No personal private body parts will be touched by Michele. Michele will teach the client sensitivity to vibration awareness. This awareness is the awakening to a multi-sensory person.

Past life regression therapy, or regression therapy - is a process Michele formats exclusively for the client to visually see and feel their past history while in a hypnotic trance. The process allows the client to move forward from "Fear" of not having - to "Faith" of abundant health and success.

Each session is given at an agreeable site between Michele and the client.

For additional session with Michele, the client will have to complete homework assignment that Michele will email to client 3 days after each session.

Each client's information is kept confidential.

One hour session - Fee is $108 per hour

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