Michele as an entertainer

Service Description

Here is how it works. Michele is a practitioner of healing through faith.

There will be a week to review for your notification of acceptance or rejection to be emailed back. The accepted individuals to continue as a client will pay the hourly fee $108 one week before session. The client at this time needs to provide a detailed word doc to Michele with the personal issues causing unbalance at that time. Michele will take one to two hours to study the client’s personal information that week before session. Energy medicine healing and /or regression therapy will be used for client at the session. Energy medicine healing – is a process that Michele will format exclusively to the unique energy of the client, to get their mind and body aligned with the present. Michele hands ARE THE CONDUCTOR OF VIBRATIONAL ENERGY. Michele uses her hands to connect to the energy field around and within the client. Permission must be given to Michele to touch the clients head, feet, hands, and where physical or emotional pain is felt by the client. No personal private body parts will be touched by Michele. Michele will teach the client sensitivity to the vibration awareness within the client’s cells. The client’s cellular systems are the gate ways of communication throw the blood flow and breathing that are networking for resistance to sabotage or engage for realignment for management for the benefit of the client’s consciousness.

Past life regression therapy, or regression therapy – is a process Michele formulates exclusively for the client to visually see and feel their past history while in a hypnotic trance. The process allows the client to feel the energy within all the cells battling and releasing toxic energy of emotional traumas blocking clarity to the 5 brain waves. Each of the 5 brain waves have too much energy or too little during the extreme highs and lows of all humans. This is the natural order of survival. The learning process of mastering “Self 3” to maintain the balance of energy is acknowledgement of “Self 3 “ ( Me ,Myself and I ) Each session is given at an agreeable site between Michele and the client. For an additional session with Michele, the client will have to complete a homework assignment that Michele will email to the client 7 days after each session One hour session – Fee $108 per hour (Choose Number of Hours and Pay for Services) 1 Hour $108.00 USD 2 Hours $ 216.00 USD 3 Hours $ 324.00 USD > Pay Now -- pay pal or Debit or Credit Card

Michele will analyze the damage, frustration, fear, depression, anxiety, and destructive, sabotaging emotional behavioral cycles with the highs of heightened successful relationships of the client. Both realties from the client’s memories are necessary with a time line of the age of the client at each transition from the highs to the lows. All the history is significant for Michele to decide if she will give her services or will be a facilitator and refer the client to another that would best fit the client’s individual needs. The summary needs to include the behavioral patterns repeated of alive or deceased family, friends, partner, stranger, coworkers, and pets before MICHELE EXCEPTS MONEY FROM THE INDIVIDUAL CLIENT FOR HER SERVICES RENDERED.

Please contact Michele by e-mail at michelewweinstein@gmail.com